We are now offering Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis at Island Holistic Veterinary Center. This test offers a depth of insight into your pet’s health that cannot be achieved with bloodwork or other standard testing. The results of fur tissue mineral analysis allow Dr. Duffner to create a specific nutrition and supplement plan for your pet to best balance his or her health.

The fur tissue mineral testing analyzes your pet’s hair for critical mineral levels and toxic heavy metals. By analyzing these levels and their relationship to one another, the analysis gives insight as to your pet’s oxidation rate (the rate at which your pet digests and assimilates food), your pet’s ability to handle carbohydrates and protein, and factors related to thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary gland function. By correcting the imbalances found in fur tissue testing with specific diet, supplements, probiotics, and/or enzymes, your pet will have the tools to thrive.

Please give us a call today if you are interested in fur mineral testing and nutritional counseling for your pet!