Acupuncture Helps Kitties Too!

Milky is a sweet 9-year-old baby that has suffered for most of her life with itchy, ulcerated skin, lower urinary tract disease, and anxiety disorders. This past November, Milky started treatment with Dr. Tracy Duffner of Island Holistic Veterinary Center. In cooperation with Milky’s general practitioner, Milky started herbal therapies (both oral and topical), food therapy, and acupuncture.

Here are some pictures of Milky’s belly and rear legs taken December 17th 2019:

Here is a picture of Milky’s belly just one month later, January 16, 2020:

Here is another photo taken just a few days later:

As you can see, Milky’s sores have resolved, and her hair is quickly regrowing. Her itchiness is much improved and she is no longer over-grooming her fur. We are so excited to see her continue to improve!

Here is Milky in her favorite spot receiving an acupuncture treatment (and lots of snacks…please excuse the crumbs!).

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